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10/19/20 – GDP Soars in Third Quarter

First Trust


10/12/20 – LEXCO Webinar Putting the 2020 Election in Perspective with Christopher Jordan & Walter Czaicki with Alliance Bernstein

**Please reach out to to request the password to view this webinar*


8/26/20 – LEXCO Webinar Cybercrime & Identity Theft Prevention with Christopher Jordan & Jeff Lanza, Retired FBI Special Agent and Cyber-crime Specialist
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8/25/20 – Market Closes at Record High, But Rally a Narrow One*
Horizon Investments


8/17/20 – Why are U.S. Stocks Flirting with Record Highs Amid a Global Pandemic?*
Russell Investments by Kara Ng


8/13/20 – Investing in the Next Innovation Supercycles

PGIM Investments


7/28/20 – US Stock Market Dips Amid Rising COVID Cases, Big Tech Concerns, and Weak USD*
Horizon Investments


7/16/20 – LEXCO Webinar Mid-Year Outlook with Christopher Jordan & Scott Brown with LPL Financial
**Please reach out to to request the password to view this webinar


7/9/20 – Markets Up Last Week as Strong Jobs Numbers Offset Covid Caution*
Horizon Investments


7/6/20 – Economic Update

Putnam Investments


7/6/20 – Mid-Year Outlook: A Slow, Uneven Economic Recovery in the Second Half*
Invesco Blog by Kristina Hooper


6/30/20 – LEXCO Webinar Financial Wellness: Guidance for Each Stage of Life with Christopher Jordan & Jackie Wilke from First Trust
**Please reach out to to request the password to view this webinar


6/17/20 – Disconnect Between the Markets the Economy



6/16/20 – Euphoric Equity Market Sees Biggest Loss Since March*
Horizon Investments


6/16/20 – Large or Small Cap? Value or Growth? Time for a Fresh Perspective

Lord Abbett by Matthew Schaller


6/10/20 – Equities Climb Higher In “Less Bad Than We Thought” Rally*
Horizon Investments


6/4/20 – LEXCO Webinar Getting the Most Out of Retirement: How to Balance Wealth and Health with Christopher Jordan & Dr. Bill Lloyd of Transamerica
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6/1/20 – What’s Wrong With The Rebound?

Advisor Perspectives by Jeffrey Kleintop of Charles Schwab


5/29/20 – Sector Ideas for the “Reopening” Phase of the Coronavirus Crisis*
Allianz Global Investors by Mona Mahajan and Aline Sun


5/29/20 – 2021-Health-Savings-Account-HSA-limits-announced-by-the-IRS



5/28/20 – G.E. Which Traces Its Roots to Thomas Edison Sells Its Lighting Business

NY Times by Michael Levenson


5/28/20 – China Tensions? So Last Year, Says Market — All Reopening Optimism Now*
Horizon Investments


5/26/20 – Signs of Economic Life

First Trust Monday Morning Outlook


5/26/20 – Negative Rates Not on the Table

Federated Hermes by Susan Hill, CFA


5/26/20 – Major Retest of March Lows in as Bears Complain Stocks are Detached from Reality

Federated Hermes by Stephen Auth, CFA


5/22/20 – LEXCO Webinar Thoughts on Recovery: Planning for the Road Ahead with Christopher Jordan & Kelli Hill of Jackson National
**Please reach out to to request the password to view this webinar


5/22/20 – LEXCO Webinar Navigating Back to Normal with Christopher Jordan & Quincy Krosby of Prudential
**Please reach out to to request the password to view this webinar


5/21/20 – Everything You Need to Know About Slow Internet Speeds

NY Times by Brian X. Chen


5/19/20 – Three Key Transitions for U.S. Economic Recovery

Lord Abbett by Giulio Martini


5/19/20 – Key Takeaways from the Recent Equity Rally

Lord Abbett by Timothy Paulson


5/19/20 – Equities Slip On Sour Sentiment Last Week*
Horizon Investments


5/18/20 – Current Opportunities in the TIPS Market*
BlackRock Blog


5/18/20 – Tech and Healthcare Innovation: The Megatrend Approach*
iShares by BlackRock by Christopher Dhanraj


5/12/20 – Perspectives on COVID-19*
Putnam Investments


5/12/20 – Global Markets: What to Watch for in May

Invesco Blog by Kristina Hooper


5/11/20 – Lessons Learned: On Volatility, Liquidity and ETFs*
iShares by BlackRock by Michael Lane


5/11/20 – Why Markets are Floating Past the Economic Collapse

FS Investments


5/7/20 – Prepare for The Era of Recrimination

Guggenheim by Scott Minerd


5/7/20 – Bonds Beat Stocks Over the Last 20 Years

NY Times by Jeff Sommer


5/5/20 – Volatile Markets: Don’t Rely on Headlines for
Guidance on When to Invest



5/4/20 – 5 Ways the World Could Change: An Investor Watchlist*
BlackRock Blog by Tony DeSpirito


5/4/20 – Why there’s Little Point in Asking Whether
the Stock Market will Retest Lows

Invesco Blog by Brian Levitt & Talley Léger


5/4/20 – Warren Buffettʼs Optimistic? Pessimistic? No, Realistic

NY Times by Andrew Ross Sorkin


5/2/20 – Crashing Economy, Rising Stocks: What’s Going On?

NY Times by Paul Krugman


5/2/20 – Thoughts on Municipal Bankruptcy Speculation

Lord Abbett by Daniel S. Solender, CFA


4/29/20 – The Great Reboot Economy and Markets 2020

FS Investments


4/29/20 – Westchester Coronavirus Curve Flattens, New Test Expected to Start this Week *
Rockland/Westchester Journal News, Christopher J. Eberhart


4/29/20 – Bond Market Perspective: Why it’s Important to Stay Strong at the Core *
Capital Group


4/28/20 – Quarterly Outlook Webinar April 2020

Horizon Investments


4/28/20 – Market Perspectives May 2020

Vanguard Advisors


4/28/20 – In Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, an Oxford Group Leaps Ahead *
NY Times by David D. Kirkpatrick


4/27/20 – Gauging the Virus Shock to the Economy*


4/27/20 – Coronavirus Live Updates: Some States Ease Restrictions; Small Business Aid Program Anticipates Strain*
NY Times


4/27/20 – Weighing the Broader Impact of Crude Oil Price Volatility*
Lord Abbett by Timothy Paulson


4/24/20 – What to Say (and Not Say) to Workers on the Front Lines *
NY Times by Colleen Farrell, M.D.


4/24/20 – Community Connections *


4/23/20 – Pandemic Tears Up 4% Retirement Rule*
by Wade Pfau


4/22/20 – Senate Approves Aid for Small-Business Loan Program, Hospitals and Testing *
NY Times by Emily Cochrane and Jim Tankersley


4/22/20 – Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper? *
NY Times by Tara Parker-Pope


4/22/20 – Get my Payment*


4/22/20 – Bear Market Guide for Young Investors*
Fidelity Spire


4/21/20 – 5 Key Observations for the Economy, Equities, and Fixed Income in Q2*
Lord Abbett


4/20/20 – 5 Things You Need to Know to Ride Out a Volatile Stock Market

Franklin Templeton


4/17/20 – Blackstone is pleased to offer the following Market Commentary

by Byron Wien


4/17/20 – Fahmy/Jordan Investor Behavior Webinar*
Access Password: F7!0^q54


4/16/20 – AB Drawdowns In Perspective Slide Deck

Alliance Bernstein


4/16/20 – Weekly Commentary 10 (mostly new) Predictions for 2020 A Light at the end of a very long tunnel

Robert C. Doll, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Strategist, Nuveen


4/15/20 – Coronavirus Disease 2019 COVID 19 How To Protect Yourself

Centers for Disease Control


4/14/20 – Client Savvy Medicare Coronavirus

by Elain Floyd, CFP, Horsesmouth LLC


4/14/20 – Client Savvy Social Security Coronavirus

by Elain Floyd, CFP, Horsesmouth LLC


4/13/20 – Job Destruction
Monday Morning Outlook, First Trust Advisors L. P.


4/7/20 – Five Points of Potential Resilience in the Municipal Bond Market
by Daniel S. Solender, CFA, Partner & Director, Lord Abbett


4/7/20 – U.S. Job Losses: New Insights on the Economic Impact
by Giulio Martini, Partner, Director of Strategic Asset Allocation, Lord Abbett


4/7/20 – Jeremy Siegel Predicts ‘Booming Economy’ After Coronavirus Crisis Ends*
by Jeff Berman, ThinkAdvisor


4/2/20 – Municipal Market Perspectives*

by James L. Iselin, Head of Municipal Fixed Income, Managing Director, Neuberger Berman Group, LLC


3/31/20 – Big Market Selloff? Stay Dynamic With Risk Positioning*

by Sharat Kotikalpudi, Director of Quantitative Research, AB Multi-Asset Solutions.


3/30/20 – Five Investing Perspectives for the Coronavirus Crisis*

by Kent Hargis, Co-Chief Investment Officer—Strategic Core Equities, AllianceBernstein (AB),
Sammy Suzuki, Co-Chief Investment Officer—Strategic Core Equities, AB, Chris Marx, Senior Investment Strategist—Equities, AB


3/27/20 – Innovation Is Outperforming in this Bear Market: Will it Also Lead the Way Out?*

by Brian Foerster, Investment Strategist, Lord Abbett


3/27/20 – 2020 CARES Act – FAQ for Individuals
by LPL Financial


3/27/20 – 2020 CARES Act – Retirement Planning FAQ
by LPL Financial


3/27/20 – 2020 CARES Act – Small Business Employer FAQ
by LPL Financial


3/20/20 – U.S. High Yield: What Does History Tell Us about Elevated Spreads?
by Stephen Hillebrecht, Director, Product Strategy, Lord Abbett


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