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Since you have found your way to this page, you are likely considering very important decisions. No doubt there are lots of considerations. But finding the right fit when hiring an advisor is often times the most important decision. At LEXCO, we have found that it is our approach to personal finance and our vision and values that strike a chord and create the basis for each relationship.

When LEXCO was founded in 1999, my goal was to create an environment where financial professionals could really be themselves and grow their practices in a way that made sense to them. The basic idea was: why not do it in a style that is straight forward, aligns every one’s interests, and is objective?

This means no proprietary products and no sales quotas. No contests for the most of anything sold.

From my first few months in the business 30 years ago, I experienced firsthand how sales contests, managerial pressure, and short term profits dominated financial services. While I couldn’t exactly articulate it at the time, I knew deep down there were lots of folks owning various investments for all the wrong reasons.

Over the years, LEXCO has grown in number of advisors, people we serve and assets under management by being true ourselves and by earning the respect of clients and peers. The results have been rewarding relationships that span many years and often generations.

Each of the advisors at LEXCO has a unique path to today, but we share the following common passions:

• To be 100% independent

• To provide an exceptional experience

• To add value at every opportunity

• To enjoy the journey and thrive

On behalf of all of us at LEXCO, thank you for taking the time to visit our site. I hope you’ll take just a few more minutes to look around and learn how we are different.

Christopher P. Jordan
Chief Executive Officer

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