What makes LEXCO Wealth Management, Inc. different
and what can I expect?

When considering working with a professional in- dependent advisor it is expected that your candidate possess decades of experience, impeccable references and a personal chemistry that fits you. While much can look the same on the surface, the clients of LEXCO Wealth Management, Inc. see the difference right away.
At LEXCO, we are unique in our commitment to really understanding you and your needs. Our True Discovery™ process includes 3 meetings and 2 analytical tools giving you in excess of a $1,000 value all at no cost or obligation.


An introduction to our approach to conservative wealth management and a discussion of your philosophy towards money issues. We will discuss your greatest desires, biggest challenges and your definition of an ideal future.

An in-depth review of your present situation along with short, intermediate, and long-term goals. Typically, LEXCO advisors will collect documents and statements and ask you to complete our brief but critically important assessment tools:

A written summary of planning observations, including analysis with high impact areas, and the services to be provided. The scope of the client-advisor engagement will outline exactly what you can expect, a retainer quote, and transparent costs of optional services if working together. As independent advisors with no products, we work for you and you alone.


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Kolbe A Index

A report that allows LEXCO to understand your unique style of operating or “modus operendi”. There are no right or wrong answers and your report will allow us to quickly learn how to best deliver information to you based upon your unique preferences.

Finametrica Risk Profiling

The report is in plain English yet this scientifically validated financial risk tolerance assessment digs deep into your personal risk parameters. An essential LEXCO tool prior to any invest- ment as the time to really appreciate your
risk threshold is clearly before you start.

Result of LEXCO True Discovery™ Process:

Since our future is dependent on satisfied clients, we continuously look to improve all aspects of our business and client relations. At LEXCO, we further set ourselves apart by our dedication to excellent service as follows:


  • A promise to always treat you fairly and with respect
  • To tell you the truth even if its not what you want to hear
  • To host regular meetings and conference calls as defined by your needs
  • Invitation to LEXCO educational series workshops and web events to keep current
  • Every call returned quickly & every request promptly honored
  • In the event of a problem to quickly resolve it and honestly communicate
  • To meet and exceed your expectations by taking a genuine interest in you and your success


Choosing the right advisor is many times the key to the success of your plans. From our Independent spirit to the True Discovery TM Process and our excellent service commitment, a LEXCO advisor is uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your finances.


Independence True Discovery™ Excellent
Service = LEXCO Advantage

Unbiased custom strategies upon a deeper understanding of your needs has been the cornerstone of our relationships. Please contact us to see for yourself what a LEXCO Wealth Management, Inc. professional can do for you.

Integrating your entire financial strategies and simplifying the complicated.


Coordinating a team of professionals to provide well researched solutions.


Check in regularly to see how your money is working for you.


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